Celebrity Eyewear Lines

    Women Branded sunglasses collection.

    Sunglasses are a piece of style and a main factor for keeping your eyes healthy and crow’s feet-free

    Sunglasses can be various from form and shapes to colors and darkness.
    A lot of celebrities wear sunglasses for keeping their eyes safe from paparazzi splashes. That’s why you can see famous people in dark sunglasses near clubs or restraints late in the night.
    Sunglasses are a piece of style and a main factor for keeping your eyes healthy and crow’s feet-free
    Some of the most common reasons people need to buy sunglasses over and over again is breaking them or loosing them. Sure we have all heard of the story the dog got ahold of them but really most people leave them somewhere and forget where they went.
    This is one of the great reasons for cheap wholesale sunglasses. People don't want to pay hundreds for a pair of sunglasses that will most likely come up missing. Look around online you will find some great deals.

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    Celebrity Eyewear Lines

    Celebrities are appearing in industry magazines everywhere making a bold fashion statement in their designer eyewear. The trend is becoming so popular that several celebrities are making their own designer lines to share with their fans and other consumers. Now, fashionistas of the world may take the celebrity style and incorporate the latest eyewear fashions into their own wardrobe. Celebrities are giving their customers a chance to shine and create their own celebrity image.

    The Olsen Twins

    Olsen Twins glasses

    Who does not love the Olsen twins? They have launched a brand new eyewear line this year to celebrate the fashionistas of the world. The line will be presented in conjunction with their Elizabeth and James label. If you have bad eyesight and do not want to have Lasik surgery or wear contacts, the Olsen Twins know how to make glasses really chic and stylish.

    The Olsen’s line has more than 13 different styles and the prices are fairly reasonable. They range between $155 and $265 retail. Most of the silhouettes are modern with very clean lines. Clients that need eyewear will appreciate the new line offered by these sisters.

    Justin Timberlake

    Olsen Twins glasses

    Justin Timberlake is another celebrity that has released a new line of eyewear, William Rast. This pop singer and actor is “bringin’ sexy back” to eyewear designs. Justin Timberlake has a wide array of glasses and he himself sports his own unique design. Justin is often seen wearing thick-rimmed, bold, yet sophisticated glasses in numerous celebrity photos.

    He is not the only one bringin’ sexy back with glasses. Chris Brown, Johnny Depp, Demi Moore, Scarlett Johansson, Faith Hill and Joe Jonas also join him. Glasses are the new and happening thing to do these days. The new and affordable line is scheduled to release some time in 2011. The signature glasses are only $12.71.

    Lisa Loeb

    Lisa Loeb has been wearing glasses since she became a star. Her eyewear was always a distinguishing part of her character. In 2009, she launched Lisa Loeb Eyewear. Her designers create everything from everyday designer eyewear to Ray Ban type “Sandalwood” glasses. Her glasses make clients feel confident about wearing glasses rather than embarrassed.

    From high school students to professionals in the work force, the Lisa Loeb line has glasses that will help people look good and non-nerdy. Though, nerdy is a look that many celebrities are embracing, currently. She puts a lot of thought into her designs. Now, she even offers the “Wishing Heart” frames. These frames are more playful with neat and colorful patterns. Some of these patterns include tortoise shell, turquoise, lavender and lemon ice.

    Randy Jackson

    Randy Jackson has changed his demographic to make eyewear more stylish and comfortable for the larger man. He partnered with Zyloware to create his new line of eyewear. Randy Jackson always sports his bold new eyewear on American Idol and does not appear nerdy while doing so. The new line is both affordable and trendy.

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