Glasses and Face Shapes

    Glasses and Face Shapes

    Glasses have always been an object viewed under a rather negative light. People who are bespectacled tend to be called "geeks", "nerds" or "four eyes". But in my perception, glasses are a superb accessory. It doesn't mean that one cannot be fashionable if one wears glasses. Some celebrities who rock their glasses include:

    Tina Fey
    Amanda Peet
    Alicia Keys
    Still, it is crucial that you find a pair of glasses which suits your face shape. So here are a few guidelines on how to find your perfect spectacles.

    Round Face

    Kelly Clarkson
    If you have full cheeks and a rounded chin, go for rectangular and horizontal styles which can make faces appear longer and thinner. You can also choose upswept frames that draw attention to the top of your face. Avoid small and short frames that accentuate face length.

    Square Face
    Sandra Bullock
    If you have a square face with a strong jaw line, try oval and round frames. You can also go for butterfly shaped glasses. You should avoid geometric and square shaped frames that accentuate the angles of your face.

    Oval Face

    Eva Mendes
    If you have an oval face with high cheekbones, then you are a lucky person. You can go with almost any frame shape. However, do not get frames that are too large for you features. That would drown out our face.

    Heart Shaped Face

    Scarlett Johansson
    If you have a broad forehead and wide cheek bones that narrow to a small chin, go for bottom-heavy frames that add width to your lower face. Do not choose top-heavy frames that pull attention upward. You should also avoid frames with decorative temples that accentuate your broad upper face.

    Glasses come in so many shapes and funky colors. It's real fun to play around with them. All you have to do is make sure that the frame shape goes with your face. Pair your glasses with some makeup and chio clothes. Then you're officially ready to walk down Fabulousity Lane!

    Why Should We Choose Glasses Girls?

    Hi readers \\(>_<)//! This topic released special for my friend, so let's talk about glasses girls. So many people misunderstand about glasses girls, boys think that glasses girls look weird or even old-fashioned, but as the time passed, mostly girls love glasses as a trendsetter. Me and myself, I really like glasses in some opportunity, actually it fits to me! :D Hahhaha~ Here are some reasons why glasses girls look beautiful or even attractive:

    So many girls pay their attention more to their eyes, well I believe that eyes are a precious treasure of girls, when u got minus or plus to your eyes, of course we will get a big pressure deliberately, some girls refuse to wear glasses because it seems old-fashioned or even older, but actually it is not exactly! We need 2 pay more attention of our face shape, so it will match 2 our eyes. Mostly girls use contact lens, but we need to consider the effect, it harms your eyes if you do not wash it properly and even harms your health.So we can say that glasses girls really pay their attention to their healths :)

    There is a survey that said when we wear glasses, it makes us hotter. Probably I can trust it because your cheeks will look chubby and your eyes also look bigger. Mostly, if girls can modify their glasses frames and it is matched, we will produce a lovely face and sometimes it is sparkling. Not only that, if we look carefully, glasses girls look cute, their eyes look bigger and simple. Well, they are great, aren't they?

    For the first impression, ladies in glasses are good looking, glasses really gives influences to make them look more serious and mature, even they look childish, with glasses, we can cover our childish manner. Most of leader (politician, presidents, professional people) wear glasses to help them for better sight. It will be great to have a professional, mature and smart girls. Here are some surveys about glasses girls :

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Glasses and Face Shapes

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