Designer Sunglasses

    Designer Sunglasses For 2011 Summer

    Summer is sunglass season! A pair of suitable sunglasses is not only for fashion but also for protecting eye from sun’s UV damage.
    First make sure your sunglasses offer 99 to 100 percent UV protection, which covers both UVA and UVA rays.
    Seconed a pair with large, bright frames work double duty to protect your peepers while complementing your favorite bikini.
    The last is that you love the sunglasses very much. It’s important to pick the right shape for your face, because they’re not just for eye protection – they’re fashion. There are some designer sunglasses for your 2011 summer.

    Carrera Margot/S Black White/Gray Gradient (02L4/PT) 57mm

    Gucci GG3140/S Shiny Black/Gray (0D28/R6) 57mm

    Prada PR 14LS ZVA6S1 Ivory/Brown Gradient 132mm

    Versace VE 2113B 100/987 Black/Gray 138mm

    Carrera Glasses 4 Choice Store Ltd

    Carrera Sunglasses
    Sunglasses, Shades, Stunners, Sun spectacles, Sun Cheaters what ever you want to call them just ‘OVERSTAND’ that 3 in 5 people own more than one pair of sunglasses.

    Where it all began?

    If you thought Ray
    Ban’s were the originators then sorry you were mistaken.
    History has noted that sunglasses origination dates back to Ancient China and Rome, Chinese Judges used to wear them to conceal there facial expressions when interrogating witnesses.
    The Chinese word for sunglasses is: 太阳眼镜 pronounced (Tai yang, Yan Jing)
    Now that we have got the History out of the way, I want to scream & shout about the New Carrera sunglasses that we have in stock!!!!

    Carrera are one of the leading designers when it comes to designing shades, they have so many different styles and co lours with the greatest names such as Jolly, Safari, Champion and Endurance. Choicestore are pleased to announce we stock the different styles, Smiles all around, Please note all Glasses over UV protection SAFETY FIRST!!!!

    If you’re not as Accessory concise as I am then you may be thinking ….’Calm down dear, it’s only a pair of sunglasses….. WELL NO ITS NOT!!!' These Carrera sunglasses are the latest celebrity Must haves.
    The following 'celebrities have been spotted wearing different Carrera styles:


    Kanye West has been wearing all styles, Rihanna can be seen wearing the Endurance style Carerra's in her latest music Video Rude Bwoy, Gwen Stefani rocks them nicely witha denim waistcoat, Alicia Keyes in new music video 'Try sleeping with a Broken heart', T.I wears his whilst performing on stage, Taylor Momsen wears hers whilst out for brunch with friends, Brad Pitt wears with suit whilst attending Movie premier, Lady Gaga in Bad romance video, Tyson Beckford , from Black Eyed Peas, Jason Kenned, Paris Hilton, Jamie Foxx- So how ever you want to wear yours they fit for all occasions. I know how i am going to wear mine!!!!!

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